(Eastern / Central) Europe Vacation Package

You're thinking about going to Europe, but you want some help planning the perfect trip - something different than the average Europe vacation package but without the stress of researching and planning it all yourself. You want to experience 19th century grandeur alongside a thriving modern art scene, with lots of shopping, dining, and nightlife options that will fit within your budget. An Eastern or Central Europe vacation package may be just the thing you're looking for.

Grand old cities in this region are rich with cultural history and have much to offer the modern tourist. There are famous landmarks like Charles Bridge and the largest medieval castle complex in Prague; fantastic music and nightlife in Krakow, Poland; stately and world-renowned Vienna Opera productions; unparalleled ballet performances in Moscow; romantic river cruises on the Danube; and an unbelievably wide variety of museums, galleries, important historical sites, restaurants, and shopping options.

A Central Europe vacation package generally includes tours around Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, and sometimes Croatia. An Eastern Europe vacation package would include tours in the cities and historical sites around Russia, Romania, and Bulgaria, though there is often some overlap with Central European destinations.

In addition to exploring the common vacation destinations, many Americans with ancestral roots in Central and Eastern Europe are also interested in seeing where their ancestors once lived. One of the benefits of have Destination Europe design your custom tour package is that it can really be customized. For example, you can spend a day exploring the remote village where your great-grandmother was born or take a Jewish heritage tour in Budapest before relaxing in one of Hungary's Turkish-era thermal baths. This customization extends to all areas. You want to travel by rail as much as possible or stay in the absolute best hotel in your price range? Our experience and expertise can make your dream vacation a reality.

Our Eastern and Central European tours and packages are custom-tailored to your needs and interests, and we work to achieve the right balance of guided tours and independent exploration for you. We plan your trip as carefully as if it were our own.

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