Destination Europe Travel Testimonials

Mr. George Bolling, La Crescenta, CA


The other day my wife reminded me that I had not written to you about our winter vacation. The trip to Paris you planned for us was magical. Every detail was a revelation starting with Swiss Air. Flying coach with them felt like flying first class on United. The Rue Bosquet Hotel had a staff that was the definition of hospitality. It was as close to staying with friends that one could experience in a hotel. And then to discover we were only half a block away from Rue Cler was amazing. Thank you so very much for a trip that we will remember fondly for a long time.

George and Zerelda Bolling

Mrs. Debbie Daniel, Baton Rouge, LA


You beat me to it with the e-mail?..I cannot tell you how WONDERFULLY FABULOUS everything was. Your trip planning was just awesome.

I'll be sending you some photos, additional great comments, etc. later this week. We just got back last night around 7:30 so it will take me a while to catch up.

You are fantastic and we have been telling everyone about your services.

Thanks again for making our trip memorable and fantastic.

If you would like to refer my phone number to anyone wanting a "testimonial", I'll be glad to provide. I will do a written one online at your site ? also later this week.

Debbie Daniel


Since I'm in a "European Frame of Mind" this morning (I'm hoping you've gotten my slideshow), I figured I better get my feedback to you. Again, words cannot express how wonderful our custom Europe vacation was. You planned everything to the most minute detail, and all was fantastic. Your guidance, planning, accommodations, transfers, tours, were absolutely perfect. We traveled knowing that we were well taken care of.

Our hotels were absolutely perfect and exquisite. The boutique type settings were wonderful. At each location, we felt at home. Breakfast each morning was an absolute treat at each location. The variety was delicious and always plentiful and again, we were made to feel so at home.

The transfers ? how wonderful. I wish we could have had more, but the ones we had were excellent. Clean vehicles, groomed, well mannered drivers, always right on time, such a treat to hop off of our transportation mode and know we had someone waiting for us. Even the night with the 5 hour flight delay from Venice to Frankfort, I driver was there waiting ? even though it was well after midnight.

The tours were fantastic ? and we had no idea so many would be private tours ? what a treat!

Again, your eye for detail, comfort, "quaintness", and knowledge of traveling abroad made our trip truly a once in a lifetime adventure. I will give you a quick city by city commentary:

Rome: The overnight flight was great and our driver was awaiting us right on time. Good thing for a driver, because we traveled down many great local streets to get to our Hotel Golden. Marco, Giuseppe, and their dad were such the perfect hosts. The room was great and they were so very helpful with anything we asked. The location was great ? we could walk just about everywhere we needed to go, except the Coliseum. It was perfect. I would recommend this Hotel highly. Arranging our taxi to the train station for our trip to Venice worked very well also ? leaving at that time of the early morning, we did not have traffic and the transfer was not very costly. I would definitely recommend transfer to the hotel from the airport, and arranging the taxi if leaving early in the morning was just fine.

Venice: We had a little difficulty as we were to take Water Ferry #82 ? well, that was no longer and it had been switched to #2. A little confusion, but we asked for help and were directed accordingly. Venice was one place that transfers would have been great upon arrival and departure ? just due to the steps and distance to walk to the hotel. We loved this small, quaint hotel also and again, were made to feel like family. Beautiful room with a view of the city toward St. Mark's Square. Our walking tour was amazing and the tour guide, Fredericka, was knowledgeable, friendly and fun. She asked if we wanted the "locals" view or the "touristy" view ? we took the "locals" and were amazed at the back alleys and out of the way sights she showed us. The next day, we did the "touristy" things and had a blast. Our private water taxi transfer to the waiting van was just beyond belief ? we felt like "rock stars!" Our own private boat!!! Amazing ? and we got to see even more of the city by canal. I wish we would have planned at least one more day in Venice, but got in so much in the time we had.

Frankfurt: After the airplane mechanical delay, we were welcomed in the wee hours of the morning to Hotel Concorde. Again, friendly and felt like home. The room was so unique and modern. I guess I was surprised at what a "big city" it was ? I was expecting a quaint "Swiss Miss" town, but that was my own error. We were just blown away that we had our own personal driver and Mercedes sedan to Castle Neuschanstein ? Paul, our driver, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and just took care of us so well. When I told him I had hoped to see more of the small, quaint villages, he got off the Autobahn a few exits early to take some back roads through the small towns I was hoping to see ? very considerate! Private car and driver ? just incredible. Our Rhine River tour was very good, but it was a cold and icy day so we had to cut our shopping trip at the end short. Plus, it was New Years Eve and some places were closing. The tour boat was amazing ? I guess at this time of year, it's not really busy. So, there were 18 of us on a boat for 480! Our driver and the tour bus were great. The only thing I would change is if possible, the menu at the restaurant. We had baked chicken, French fries and slaw. I guess I figured in Germany we would have a traditional bratwurst type meal for a Rhine River tour. But, it was a fantastic day. We were surprised how hard it was to find a restaurant open for supper on New Years Eve ? we found a great place finally in the "Town Square" and had a traditional meal of sausages, kraut, potatoes and beer. It was small and crowded, but just wonderful. The hotel was so close to the train station that it was just perfect to walk a few blocks and catch the train to Paris. That train was just beautiful and amazing also.

Paris: What can I say ? "I LOVE PARIS" Venice and Paris were my favorites. The only thing I would change here is to have a transfer to the hotel from the train. We did fine arranging a taxi for our early departure when we left, but I would suggest a taxi to get to the hotel. We took the subway and had to change trains a few times and then had a little bit of a walk. Again, it was OK, but a transfer at that point would have been great. The hotel, PERFECT ? quaint, felt like home, and when we opened our window, and looked to the right, you could see the Eiffel Tower ? Melissa and I would open the window late at night on the hour to see it twinkle. The 2 day hop on hop off bus tour was fantastic ? got us everywhere we needed to go. The 2 day museum pass ? amazing ? we could not believe how we would just bypass the long lines and get right into our destinations ? Louvre, Museum D'Orsay, Arch de Triumphe, Notre Dame ? just incredible. Having the Eiffel Tower included in the pass would have been wonderful, but since it was not, we just walked all around it on several occasions ? just in awe. It would have been nice to go up, but just being there was incredible.

London: Again, doing our own taxi transfer worked out perfectly from Paris to London ? leaving early in the a.m. avoided the traffic and the fare was quite reasonable since we got there so quickly. The first class ride was amazing and the breakfast and service ? delicious! No problem on getting to the Hotel on the subway since it was so close to the Earl's Court Tube station. No transfer needed here from airport. And once again, welcoming friendly, felt like home hotel ? we loved how all of our hotels were not big chain hotels, but quaint and relatively small. Just perfect. The loft room they gave us was great! And a perfect location close to the tube to get around. Wicked was really good, but the service at the restaurant was rather slow and not as friendly as we had been used to ? just thought you should know that. It was so close and convenient to the theatre though. Our seats were great. We did a lot of sightseeing on own as per our request and got Melissa to Putney to start her clinical on January 5. The transfer from the hotel to the Gatwick airport was great, due to the distance involved. But the driver was wonderful as was the vehicle ? and we got to see more of London on our way to the airport. It was a blowing snow as we drove, which was just amazing.

Kayla, again, we cannot thank you enough for everything. The trip was more than we even expected it to be. I have recommended you , and will continue to do so, to anyone thinking of going to Europe. You are so well organized and thorough with everything, beginning with our first contact and itinerary planning. We could not have been any happier ? thank you for making our trip a wonderful, memorable, beautiful experience.

Truly, if anyone wants to contact me ? I would gladly be a reference for you.

Thanks again ? sorry this is so long, but I could just go on and on about our experience.

Debbie Daniel

Mrs. Smita Shanker, San Francisco, CA

Hi Kayla,

Yes, we had a very good trip. Everything went perfectly and we had no major issues at all. Thank you for making all the arrangements. Here is a brief trip report -

Hotels -

Prague - Fantastic - great location, very comfortable and great service

Fussen - very quaint and nice hotel - also very convinient to see the castles. We took a bus from very close to the hotel to the ticket center for the castles.

Vienna - very good and luxurious hotel. It was a bit of a walk to the main area but no big deal

Paris - very nice boutique hotel - rooms were very nice and decorated beautifully - five minute walk to the Eiffel tower

Brugge - Very Nice hotel - very romantic and relaxing - close to everything - wish we could have stayed there for an extra day to just enjoy the hotel

Train reservations -

All trains worked out perfectly for us. We enjoyed the three hour break in Munich and got to see the main Christmas market and walk around the downtown area. The couple times we decided to change the trains we had no problem at all.

Tours -

The tours you had booked us on were all very good. We also booked ourselves for a few other tours as well as attended music shows in Prague and Vienna, both very good. In Paris we took the hop on hop off bus as well as a Paris by Night tour to see the illuminations. The Paris by Night tour is not to be missed, especially with everything decorated for Christmas.

Thank you again for making all the arrangements for us and we truly had a fantastic time. I have many friends who travel to Europe and I'll be happy to recommend you to them.



Mr. Conrad Alfonso, Miami, FL

Thank you very much. We had a great Honeymoon in Europe. We will be giving you a review of our trip ASAP so you can make the best of it. Rest assure, the trip was a winner!


Mrs. Janice Burrows, Minneapolis, MN

Thanks so much for your assistance in our journey. I had a great time with the exception of the airlines and weather related delays.

It was lovely. We will send you more details. You must use the Cromlix House and Inverness hotels again..........both wonderful. Thank you so much for the basket of goodies! Very sweet.

Mrs. Sherry Darrell, Evansville, IN

Thanks again for all your help, Kayla. Except for the debacles involving flights and airlines with the weather delays, we had a wonderful trip. Janice expects her luggage today, and I expect mine to arrive tomorrow.

The staff at Cromlix House (Allen and Claire) and Dunain Park Hotel (Kate, Shana, Nicola) were exceptional, and the properties at Cromlix House and Dunain Park were A+. At both of those the food was superb and was served beautifully.

The maps and Google directions were exceptionally helpful; the car company fellows were pleasant and helpful (Eurocar) at the Edinburgh airport. Janice and I both drove, and we both spent some time on the left curbs. It's a wonder we didn't blow a tire.

It is very hard to return home and begin looking after myself again after the luxury of Cromlix House and Dunain Park. I felt pampered all the time there, and Janice and I had wonderful day trips from those two venues. The people in Aberdeen--cab drivers and others--were charming and helpful. Just the hotel didn't measure up.

Thank you for the Christmas present and for the extraordinary help. Anything else I can tell you? I await my phone charger, curling iron, make up, and dirty clothes along with many small gifts packed inside my bags.

Happy New Year.

Mr. Steven Bell, Orlando, FL

Hi Kayla,

Everything was so wonderful!! No issues at all with anything!! I will send some photos, and feedback once I get home.

Thank you so much for planned everything perfectly for our Honeymoon in Italy!!


Mr. Kevin LaTulip, Beaufort, SC

Hi Kayla,

We had a great time. Prague and Vienna are wonderful at this time of year. The hotel in Vienna was in a very good location close to Karksplatz and the Christmas market. The breakfast buffet was one of the best we have ever seen. The Lipizzaner stallion practice was great. If people are going when they have an actual show I would strongly recommend getting tickets. If not the practices are from 10 to 12 daily.

The train trip from Prague to Vienna was excellent. There was a great deal to see from the train.

We knew what the Hotel in Paris would be like but we stayed there for nostalgic reasons.

All the connections and transfers went very smoothly once we got out of Savannah. There were delays there but Delta got us on a delayed earlier flight out and we made the Atlanta connection.

Overall a great trip. Thanks.


Mrs. Wanda Roberts, Marietta, GA

Hi Kayla,

Our trip was wonderful. Everything went like clock work. No problems at all. Everything went just like it was suppose to. I will later on this week be happy to post a letter of testimony and we will be sharing the joy of this trip with everyone that we know. You and your company were absolutely the very best.

Will be talking with you soon.



Hi Kayla,

We made it home safely and have finally got back into the swing of things at home.

Our 2 week trip to Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan was absolutely the most unbelievable trip. Thanks for making our trip of a lifetime something that we will relive and enjoy for quite sometime.

Everything went just like clockwork. Every car, every boat, every tour, etc.etc. was right on schedule. All hotels were ready and very accommodating. Friendly staff..we even got upgraded in 2 of our hotels...nice.

The weather was cold but we expected that..We even got SNOW while in Milan, it was beautiful. We do not get snow in Georgia!

My husband and I saw more beautiful sites than we ever thought possible. We had just enough tours that allowed us enough free time to enjoy some sites on our own.

Thanks for making this the most enjoyable and relaxing time ever.

Thanks for all your hard work and help in putting this travel package together. You helped make our 25th Wedding anniversary and my birthday something that we will never forget. We could not have done this without your help. We hope to return again and we will certainly be in contact with you soon for our next exciting travel adventure.


Wanda & Bobby Roberts

Mrs. Jo Carol Nesset-Sale, Athens, GA


The trip was fabulous! Everything went smoothly. Probably one tour too many in Budapest. We arrived late one afternoon, had two tours the next day (excellent) and one the next day to an outlying castle.

The lodging was lovely. The small hotel in Telc was delightful, with its charming restaurant and bowling alley in the cellar! The best food I had on the trip was the sauerkraut soup there, and we had good food everywhere. It may be that the other hotels were grander than we needed although my husband loved the accommodations.

You provided excellent service. That's not the issue. And the central location of the hotels allowed us to walk everywhere.

We did appreciate your well organized itinerary. Each day we took out the needed vouchers and were on our way. The drivers were on time. The tours added much. Especially liked the Vienna Woods one and Parliament House in Budapest. City tours were very informative. All in all a wonderful two weeks.

Jo Carol

Mrs. Lisa Tate, Edgerton, WI

Hi Kayla - Thank you so very much for a wonderful trip. The folder you sent us was absolutely fantastic! We especially loved the plastic maps you included. Our flight times were great. They really decreased the jet lag.

In London, our hotel was very charming and we especially loved how close to the Tube it was. We were able to see all of the major sights, and even took the train to Windsor one day to see Windsor Castle. the most special part of London for me was being able to light a candle and pray in both Winchester Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral for a close friend of mine who is battling breast cancer. It felt very spiritual to be able to do that in a places that had so much history. The weather was much colder than predicted, but we had very little rain, so all in all, no complaints (too bad you can't control the weather for I chose to freeze on the top deck of the Hop on Hop Off bus so I could see everything, but my mom and sister were possibly smarter by staying down below.

In Pisa, our hotel was really nice and the breakfast was awesome. We loved visiting a city that didn't have quite as much hustle and bustle, and it being a town with a University made for some good people watching. We restrained ourselves from taking a picture of anyone "holding up the tower". When we first saw people doing that, it took a minute to figure out why they were standing in such funny poses. We were able to catch a person sing a short song in the Baptistery, which was unbelievable. We of course ate our first (but not last) gelato of the trip, and I found that drinking a large Italian beer with dinner helped me sleep better that night. It was a trend that continued for the rest of the trip (so I'll be sending you a bill for my rehab stay later...just kidding.)

The tour you booked for us with Max will be the memory we hold on to the longest. He was exactly what you would want in a guide, funny, friendly, and knowledgeable. His stories of all of the famous people he has driven were hilarious! We stopped in Lari before anyone in the city was even awake it seemed. He talked his way inside a pasta making factory (I use the word factory loosely because it is a very small place where a lot is still done by hand). We were so intrigued by what they told us about how they made pasta, that we had to find a store that carried their brand to bring home. We are planning a huge family dinner where we will try the pasta and show all of our pictures to everyone. After Lari, we went to a little place I cannot even find when I Google area back in the woods that someone had rebuilt to be like Jerusalem. I may have to e-mail Max to find out for sure what this was as I never saw it in any guidebooks. We then headed to San Gimignano, which wasn't an originally planned stop, but it was on the way, and we had time. My sister and I wandered back streets which had the most amazing views. We stumbled across a man sitting in a square playing the harp, and I had some fun taking pictures of the hundreds of different kinds of door handles around the city. After our time there, Max took us to lunch at a little farmhouse. We had a fantastic lunch there, with meats, cheeses, vegetables, breads, and of course wine. For dessert we dipped biscotti into a very strong wine. I thought about drinking some Grappa, but if it was stronger that the dessert wine (which Max said it very much was), then the chances of me not remembering the rest of our day in the Tuscan region was to great for me to do it. We bought some wine produced by the farmhouse that was named after their four daughters. After lunch, we continued our journey to Volterra. This was a very charming little town that was just as beautiful as San Gimignano, but not nearly as busy. Our favorite part was outside of the town, Max brought us to an archaeological area that had two different underground tombs that were probably dated from the 1st-4th century B.C. Max then took us for a drive up the coast and back to Pisa. What a fantastic day!

The next day we took the train (and all of our luggage full of pasta and wine) from Pisa to Rome. Entering Rome we had to experience being ripped off by a taxi driver. Frustrating, but a story to tell. Our hotel in Rome was beautiful, and the street it was on was very quiet (for Rome standards at least). The weather was much hotter than predicted (we went from the lower 40's in London to the upper 70's and humid in Rome), but not so hot we couldn't walk and enjoy the rich history of this city. Our first afternoon there, my mom and sister were not feeling well, so I walked to the Church of San Giovanni in Laterno and climbed up the Holy Stairs on my knees. I did not antipate what a powerful experience this would be, crawling up the stairs that Jesus had walked up when he was sentenced to death. I was crawling with nuns, people of every ethnicity and every race. It is not something I will soon forget. The sights of Rome are truly amazing. When you travel to the east coast of the United States, you think you are standing where something is very rich in history. But then, if you are standing literally on the place where Julius Cesar was stabbed and said, "Et tu Brute?", it is very humbling.

Our tour of the Vatican was fabulous. We were let in before the hordes of crowds and our group only had 7 people in it. Our guide was an art restorer who was extremely knowledgeable about how and why all of the art in the Vatican was made. She told stories that brought the art to life. One of our favorite stories was about the pope who commissioned a Protestant artist to make his monument. Each pope would commission an artist and the monument would not be unveiled until after the pope passed away. There was a huge uproar over this pope commissioning a Protestant artist, but in the end the artist had the last laugh. When the monument was unveiled, it was not the popes face on it, but rather the artist. There were tons of stories like this, so we really enjoyed this tour, and especially enjoyed not being wedged in with tons of other people.

One evening, my sister and I went to the Travastere neighborhood to explore and find dinner. We ended up seeing a sight that was almost to serene and beautiful to describe....thousands of starlings flying in the sky in several different groups, swooping in and out of each other as though they were choreographed. We watched this for several minutes, along with many people who had come out of restaurants and shops to watch along with us.

Our last day in Rome started out with the disappointment that our tour of the southern Tuscan region had been canceled, but ended up being a fabulous day. We hadn't had time yet to go to any of the catacombs or to explore some of the non-touristy neighborhoods. So we went to the Catacombs of San Sebastiano, which were really cool. We were waiting too long for a bus, so ended up accepting a ride for cheap from an elderly man who spoke very little English, so sang to us most of the ride. We then headed to the Tesstachio neighborhood. We found a market there that was a perfect way to end our last day in Rome. We ate wonderful food, bought some handmade crafts, ate our last gelato, and sat in a park watching families playing with their children and listen to music. That evening, I drank my last large Italian beer, and our waiter gave us a free shot of Limoncello (yummy!) to celebrate the end of our vacation.

Thank you Kayla for all of your hard work! You were a huge part of making my mom's dream of going to London and taking a trip with her daughters a reality.

Lisa Tate

Edgerton, Wisconsin

Mr. Joseph Falsone, Austin, TX

Hi Kayla,

I just wanted to send a quick note to say that Rosemary and I had a wonderful time in Germany. Everything went extremely smoothly. All the tours were great, and the tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks again for a second trip well planned!

In a few days, I will write again, and send a picture or two.

Kind regards,


Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Linda Grimsley, Houston, TX


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but wanted you to know that our recent trip to Italy was absolutely wonderful. We loved all of the hotels that you had recommended to us, the tour guides in each city were so nice and informative, and all drivers and connections to each city were right there and on time to pick us up. The time of year that we went, end of September, early October, was a perfect time to and the crowd level at the different museums, etc. was not as bad. I am attaching some pix from our trip...unfortunately, something happened with my camera and we lost all our first week of pictures...ugh! Thanks again for all you did to make our Italy trip a "trip of a lifetime"!

Linda and Jim

Mr. William Husen, Columbus, OH

Dear Kayla,

Thank you for everything you did to plan our honeymoon in Europe. We were extremely pleased with the arrangements you made for us. Our accommodations were excellent and all of our transfers went off without a hitch. We made good use of the Louvre tickets you provided and enjoyed our visit. Thank you for such thorough planning.

We must also thank you for introducing us to some great hotels. We especially enjoyed our stays at Villa Antea (Florence), La Darsena (Tremezzo), and Hotel Relais Bosquet (Paris). We found that the staff and accommodations exceeded our expectations. We plan to return to Florence and Paris and look forward to revisiting these hotels.

Thanks again for planning such a special honeymoon for us. We hope that we can work with you on any future trips to Europe.


Bill & Missy Husen

Mr. Jason Gallourakis, Columbus, OH

Hi, Kayla -

The trip was great! A recap by destination:

London: Sumner Hotel was so quaint. We loved it. Great breakfast, wonderful sitting room with books and a free access computer. It really allowed for guests to mingle and was truly charming. The location was also excellent. The neighborhood was Arabic, and the supermarkets and restaurants were outstanding. We would definitely return. Only issue was the check-out problem with the voucher/credit card.

The private tour in London was also outstanding. We truly enjoyed it.

Rhodes: Drivers were on-time and extremely nice. Nikos-Takis Hotel was a gem. We loved the location and the staff. They truly made you feel like you were family. What a wonderful island and city. Couldn't have asked for more. We arranged our own private tour once there, and it was great. Definitely want to return to Rhodes.

Symi: Ferry ride great and very scenic. Stavros House was charming and perfectly located. It was a bit "rustic" inside, but we made the best of it. By the way, we did locate our family home and graves while there. It was just incredible. We loved Symi. A bit difficult to travel by foot and few taxi's but once you figure out the bus and get lucky with taxi's, you're set. Symi, along with Rhodes were the highlights of the trip. We think you should recommend these destinations to more Americans.

Athens: Driver was on time and very nice. Fresh Hotel was fantastic. Very modern. Great ammenities and unbelievable breakfast buffet. Location was fantastic -- right in the heart of Athens by the open air markets, etc. Also, it was very close to the Acropolis and other monuments. The private tour here was fantastic.

The trip was wonderful. Thanks again for your help.


Mrs. Margaret Reveal, West Lafayette, OH


What a wonderful trip! We got to see the sights and experience life in six fantastic cities throughout Europe! We still can't believe we actually were there!

Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, Paris, London and Edinburgh!

We so appreciate your hard work in making sure our connections were smooth. We could concentrate on enjoying our stay without worrying about anything else. Thank you for making our trip of a lifetime easy to enjoy.

Richard and Margaret Reveal

Mr. Peter Lee, Montrose, CA

Hi Kayla,

Thank you for your email. All four of us had a fabulous time in Italy! Where my wife & I are concerned, from the pick up to the send off, everything was smooth as silk. We were greeted and driven by professional, warm and friendly people.

We certainly covered a lot of grounds on our own, something we would not have experienced with the limited, commercial tours out there. Your package certainly offers a wonderful alternative that promotes adventure, balance and flexibility.

We will certainly consider you in our future travel plans to Europe.

Peter Lee

Ms. Deborah Bro, Keller, TX


Jeff and I just returned yesterday from Italy. I don't know how to begin to express my gratitude to you for an absolutely amazing package! From the second we left Dallas to the time we boarded the plane to come home it was spectacular. The hotels were beautiful and in spectacular locations, and the tours that we booked were great. I want to bring to your attention our Vatican tour guide (Peter). What a knowledgeable young man. I don't know where you found him-but he gave us an insight into the Vatican that I am sure not many others heard or saw.

I could go on for hours and hours about the things you set up for us....but let me sum it up with this- Jeff and I made a promise to each other on the Grand Canal in Venice.... we will return for our 10th anniversary-and we will book it with you!

Thank you so much Kayla...we couldn't have done it without your help :)

Debbie and Jeff Bro

Ms. Ansley Carter, Anchorage, AK

Dear Kayla,

I cannot thank you enough for all the work you did on our recent trip to Europe. We had the most wonderful time but must say that Santorini and Florence were the definite favorite locations. The accommodations were great as were the tours that were included. We received exceptional service from the hotel in Santorini as they served dinner and the food was marvelous!! We made several friends along the way from different countries and have been invited to visit with them next year so I may need your services again! We could not have had a better time unless we were still there. I thank you again for all that you did and I look forward to working with you on my next trip to Europe. I've already passed your info on to friends and hope you hear from them as well. I'll send pics soon!


Ansley Carter

Mr. Steve Bottero, Milton, Ontario, Canada


Here is a little summary of our trip. We had a wonderful time traveling all over Italy. The package that you provided us was amazing. It was very organized and we appreciated how every little detail was planned to perfection. All we had to do was follow the instructions. This made the trip very relaxing and stress free. We are so happy with how everything turned out. Thanks for making our honeymoon such a wonderful experience. We would

recommend you to anyone we considering a European vacation and we will be

definitely call you the next time we want to travel to Europe!!!

We are very pleased as it was an amazing trip. We are definitely coming back to you the next time we travel to Europe. I know that we have mentioned it many times before but we can't say it enough.........Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! It was an amazing


Steve Bottero

Mrs. Phebe Chen, Bellaire, Texas


Thanks for your help. We were particularly impressed with the assistance we received from Ingmar on Santorini. He met us at the airport when we arrived, and also met us at the ferry landing when we were leaving. Overall, we were very favorably impressed with the arrangements. The hotels were nice, and I was very impressed as to the promptness of the cabs/vans that provided our transfers. I also liked traveling by ferry. Although air travel might have saved a small amount of time, I thought the ferry was much more comfortable.

Thanks again.

Mr. Kevin Conlin, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Hi Kayla,

Sorry so late, but we arrived home from our trip then headed straight for the cottage. Kim and I had an amazing trip! The voucher system worked very well, all of our transitions were very smooth, the accommodations were all very central and nice, and we did not feel rushed at all, although we did see and do a lot! The trip was perfect and definitely exceeded our expectations. Your planning and expertise was very apparent as we worked through the trip itinerary.

We are already talking about where we want to go next. We have already referred you to several of our friends who are looking to travel.

Thanks for planning a great trip for us Kayla!

Kevin Conlin

Ms. Jan Owens & Ms. Robin Nash, Richmond, TX


You did such a wonderful job! All the hotels were perfect - we loved the smallness of the hotels; we loved the views and balconies. You were right about Maria in Monterosso and I'm so glad we couldn't get into Villa Steno. It was perfect and as crazy as we are, we were getting used to the climb.

We can't pick a favorite city because they all had their own personalities. Tangier was certainly exotic and we would still be trying to get out of the Kasbah had we not hired Ali as our guide. Barcelona exceeded our expectations overall - friendly people, great transportation, fantastic food, and easy walking distances from hotel. The hiking in Montserrat, Gibraltar (with the monkeys), Vesuvius, and completing the 7-mile hike from Monterosso to Riomaggiore (Cinque Terra) in six hours filled our hiking quota.

Trains were fun and especially since Robin lost a wheel on her luggage before we even hit London on our way to Gibraltar. Especially fun was the nine car drag of luggage when we got on the wrong end of the train to Naples. A sweet Italian man told us that you never know if the first class accommodation is at the front or the back of the train - of course we made the wrong 50-50 choice.

The transfers you set up were perfect. When we were over an hour late arriving at the Naples train station after dark, we were never so relieved to see "Janyth Owens" on a piece of paper held by a smiling face!

We have travelled every summer to a different part of the world but this was the first time we did it without a tour group, thanks to you. We felt more immersed in the culture of the countries that we visited. A few words in Spanish and Italian and hand waving in Morocco were experiences not to be missed. We met wonderful people from all over and will definitely travel this way again. We were able to do and see only what we wanted to do and see and in the time we wanted to do it in. We'll be in touch as soon as we know where we are going next year and how many people will be going.

When we first began this venture and found you on line, it was a little scary. However, you have turned out to be the perfect travel agent for us. We will not only contact you about next year and other future trips, but you will be our first recommendation to others. Thanks for a great summer experience!!

Robin Nash

Jan (Janyth) Owens

Mrs. Sue & Dave Proebsting, Prairie Grove, IL

Dear Kayla,

Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. As I'm sure you know, it's taken us a while to get home and get situated. In fact we are now down in Arkansas visiting my parents (who were on the Germany part of the trip with you - plan to use you on their next trip to Europe :-) It's crazy and sure would like to be relaxing at home, but needed to get here before school started.

The trip was amazing!!!! We loved every place we visited - hard to even pick a favorite. Your arrangements couldn't have been any better for us and everything planned was just excellent. Things went flawlessly. You had everything so well planned and laid out for us. We can't thank you enough. I still can't get over how smoothly things went which felt so good knowing we had a language barrier to deal with.

My husband fell in love with Aix-en-Provence and I just thought it was wonderful too! It was a great place to recharge, explore and enjoy the pool. Great choice on cities. Paris was fantastic!! We saw so much and still left so much to be seen. The Versailles tour was great, London day tour was great,"Chicago" was outstanding!

If we ever head to Europe we would love to use you again! We'll just choose a time when the exchange is better. :-) My parents were also disappointed with some of the arrangements their agent made and are hoping to use you in the future. (They'll probably head that way before us. :-))

Thanks again so much. You truly gave us a trip of a lifetime and a whole lot of memories.

Sue & Dave

Mrs. Laura Brown, Stockbridge, GA

Hi Kayla,

I realize it has been many weeks since we got back from Europe...but tonight is the first free time I have had since the vacation and so I am trying to grab a few minutes to write you.

Maybe it is silly after all this time but I really wanted to say that the experience was amazing and exactly what we dreamed of! The accommodations were great in every city and the travel smooth. And I know that it was no easy job to coordinate all that for 5 cities.

You did an amazing job of putting it all together!! I am recommending you to everyone I can think of that travels...and we are customers for life!

You had asked us to share photos. We have tons of beautiful photos but obviously cannot send them all so I am sending a selection of 2 of each from the 5 cities. I am attaching 2 to this email and then will send the rest two at a time so I do not make the emails too big.

Hope all is well with you and I look forward to working with you again!

Best regards

Laura Brown

Mrs. Nancy Moffitt, Richland, WA


Sorry it's taken so long. As soon as we returned from the Great Britain, Jack & Kelsey took off for our summer home in North Idaho and I spent the rest of the summer driving back and forth on weekends. Everything is settled down now with Kelsey back in school.

Our trip was fabulous. All of the arrangements went like clockwork and we truly appreciate your efforts to make it all happen. I would highly recommend the Chester Residence in Edinburgh to anyone. The owners were very nice and the accommodation terrific. I think that we liked Scotland the best of all the places we went. The tour you arranged for the highlands was great. The driver was very informative, had a good sense of humor and was a terrific singer to boot!

Thanks again for everything. You can be sure that I will recommend your agency to any of my friends looking to travel to Europe.


Nancy, Jack and Kelsey Moffitt

Ms. Gaylynn Starr, Castle Rock, CO

Hi Kayla!

Everything went smooth. Britney and I had a very great and educational time. All the tours were awesome! The Poland tour (Jewish Ghetto and Schindler's List) was private; everything else was groups (maybe 15). The guides were very knowledgeable and clear. All I can say is......YOUR AWESOME!!!!

Thank you!


Mr. Mark Chancy, Dunwoody, GA


We arrived safely and had a terrific time. Thanks for all of your help. When we have some time, we will be happy to write a testimonial. All of the arrangements were excellent as were the tours and transportation ? they were all terrific. We'll be back in touch and thanks again - it was a trip that we will all never forget.


Dr. Brett Diaz, Laguna Beach, CA


Thanks for all your help. The places you booked us in were all great. The place in Crete was lovely and Pepe (the Owner) was great. I wouldn't recommend Crete for anyone interested in diving or snorkeling. Not much to see. The beaches are fair but a lot of driving was required to get to other ones. We had such a great time in England and that we went back to England for a few days.

Thanks again for your planning,

Dr. Brett Diaz

Mr. Bill Papineau, Prescot Valley, AZ


Sorry I took so long to get back to you, but we have been in a jet-lag fog and up to our ears in things that needed our attention since we got back.

The trip was fantastic and I must say our high expectations were actually exceeded. We felt as if you were present with us in that white folder as we followed the plan and went from adventure to adventure. I will send you some photos (I shot more than 700 of them) as soon as I have worked through them all.

All hotels in Paris, Niort and Amboise were excellent and we would happily recommend them and return to them ourselves without hesitation. We had a wonderful time thanks to your excellent work. We went from place to place and activity to activity as if we were seasoned French travelers because we had the information and everything we needed at our finger tips. I can tell you that we are among your biggest fans, Kayla, and we will call upon you again.

I'll say more about details of our trip when I get the photos processed, but I thought I should get this report back to you now.

Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Tres bon.

A bientôt

Bill & Annie

Mrs. Jennifer Kamps, Hayward, CA

Hi Kayla, here is the testimony for our trip, plus some picture highlights.

The trip was so WONDERFUL! We had so much fun and everything went very very smooth. All of the drivers were on time, the hotels were great, and the activities were fabulous. I couldn't even imagine trying to plan a trip with that much detail myself! Thank you so much for putting this together. It was especially nice to have the extra maps and day-by-day itinerary. Everything was so organized, I loved it! We had no problems with anything whatsoever. We ended up with the perfect amount of time in each city and got to do everything that we wanted to do. We got a little rain each place we went, but for the most part had really good weather. The only complaint is the exchange rate, it sucks! But we knew that going over there, so we made sure to bring extra spending $$.

Dublin- The flight over was good, I really liked the airline (KLM). When we got there, we were a little tired so we just had a quiet evening of dinner in downtown Dublin. The hotel, Clontarf Castle, was beautiful and really nice. It was a couple of miles out of the city center, but right next to a bus stop and only a 10 minute ride to get there so we took the bus downtown allot. We took advantage of the included breakfast every day, although some of the food they eat there (and in London and Amsterdam) is a little out of our element, haha! The next 2 days we went on the tours and visited other tourists sites like the Guinness Brewery, Trinity College, and Saint Patrick's Cathedral. The tours were really great too, we were so glad we went on them. The tour guides were funny and really taught us allot about Irish culture. We loved Malahide castle (1st tour) and Glendolach (2nd tour) and took a ton a pictures there! We also spent some time downtown on O'Connell Street and the Temple Bar area and made sure to try the famous Irish Stew at a local restaurant.

London- Our flight was delayed about an hour, but luckily our driver was still there waiting for us which was nice. The Sumner hotel had a great location! Really close to lots of shopping, bus stops, and restaurants. The rooms were smaller than the other 2 hotels, but we didn't mind being close to each other! The first night there Mark found out that a couple of his favorite DJ's were playing at the club (they've never been to the states) so he was ecstatic, to say the least, that we got to go see them. The next day we went on the Hop On/Off Bus and went to a bunch of the tourist locations. At Trafalgar square they had a Thai Festival going on which was pretty neat. We also went to the Dali Exhibit near the London Eye (Mark loves Dali), so that was fun. The next day we went to the Camden Market which was really fantastic! So much great shopping, I don't know how Mark ever got me to leave. From there we went to the London Eye area and went to the Movieum (a British Movie Museum) while waiting for our scheduled "London Eye" flight. The London Eye was really nice and we were so excited that you booked us on the champagne flight! Our "pod" only had 4 of us (it's about 20-25 people per pod for non-champagne flights) which made it relaxing and the champagne helped with that too! The last day we walked all over London and went and saw the "changing of the guards" at Buckingham palace. We also went to the Abbey Road studios and spent some time trying to recreate the picture on the cover of the Beatles "Abbey Road" album, although we didn't realize how many cars would be driving on the street so it was a challenge to get a good pic! The last night we went and saw "Wicked". We splurged on good seats and ended up right in the front. It was a wonderful musical, probably the best theater performance I ever been to....we loved every minute of it! Overall, London was our favorite part of the trip.

Amsterdam- We enjoyed taking the train from London to Amsterdam, and liked that we had 1st class seats! The hotel, Synopsis, was our favorite hotel of the trip. Isla, the owner, was so nice and the first day we got there so gave us a map and detailed all of the good places to go. She also made us a delicious breakfast one morning. The room was really nice and even had a private patio and computer! It was only a few minutes' walk to town and was near the Opera House so it was always easy to find! Amsterdam was a very interesting place, they have allot of freedoms there that we don't in the states. We enjoyed taking the Canal Hop/On off tours and liked both museums we went to. We did some good shopping there too!

We had a really great trip, definitely the best vacation I've ever been on! We'll definitely be recommending you to our friends and be contacting you again for our next trip (which I'm hoping to be Italy and Paris). Thanks again for everything!

-Jen & Mark

Hi Kayla! We had an AMAZING time on our honeymoon! Everything went incredibly SMOOTH and we LOVED every bit of it! We took over 400 pictures.... I'm going to send you some picture highlights and a full testimony sometime this weekend. Thank you so much for giving us the honeymoon of our dreams!!!


Mark & Jen

Mr. Chad Shoemaker, Denver, CO

Hi Kayla,

I wanted to get back to you about our trip. We had a wonderful time on our Honeymoon! Everything went very smoothly and I know we were thankful that we had booked our trip with you when it came time for transfers to and from the train stations and airports. They can be a little overwhelming. Rome was an incredible time, we must have walked twenty miles in three days but we loved every second of it. After walking so much in Rome we were happy to arrive in Positano to relax and what an incredible place it is to do so. It's beautiful and the people were very welcoming. From the time we arrived at Eden Roc to the time we left, they did nothing but make sure we had a first class time. Thanks again for your help, we couldn't have asked for anything more! - Chad and Michelle

Here are a few pictures from our trip as well.

Chad & Michelle


Everything went smoothly on our trip and we had an unbelievable time! Once I get through catching up with work I'll put together a testimonial for your site and send a few pictures. Thanks for your help and take care.


Mrs. Sandra Karpel, Miami, FL

Hi Kayla,

I want to thank you again for putting together such an unforgettable Italy adventure! It has always been our dream to travel there, but we were never sure where to go in just two weeks. Thanks to your expertise, we were able to see the most beautiful places in just a short amount of time.

All of the locations and hotels you selected for us were perfect. Our Rome hotel was out of the way enough to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close enough to walk to amazing sites. The hop on hop off bus tour was fantastic, and allowed us to see so much more of Rome in a few days.

The Positano hotel was amazing. The staff was warm and personable, and we were able to cook meals (which saved us a bundle) in our own private kitchen. The Pompeii tour guide was so interesting and friendly, and made sure to personalize our tour to fit our interests. The private driver was so fun and informative, and drove us along the most amazing coastline I've seen. Ending the tour on the cliffs of Ravello ? breathtaking!

Florence was even more fabulous than I had imagined. Our hotel was centrally located, and we were able to walk to museums, cafes, shopping, etc. with ease. The museum tours were unbelievable! At times it was hard to believe we were there.

Venice! My favorite location, of course. We were picked up by a very fun guide, and taken right to the front steps of our hotel. Franca was the warmest host, and gave us great ideas where we needed to go! Complimentary wine, great shopping and dining, and guided tours through the city streets. It was hard to leave, for sure.

Overall your locations were great. However, your assistance with the drivers and tour guides was even more valuable! I don't think we would have seen as much as we did, or had such a wonderful experience without your guidance and suggestions. It created such a worry-free and unforgettable trip of a lifetime. I will definitely be contacting you again in the future (though not soon enough!) for more wonderful European travel adventures!

Thanks again for everything. You are great!

Warm Regards,

Sandra Karpel

Mr. Frank Kowalski, Miami, FL

Hi Kayla,

Well of course we are a bit too tired right now to do an appropriate response and we promise we'll work on a detailed on in the next week. A quick summary however is that we were totally impressed with your service and recommendations. Thanks so much for a wonderful trip to Europe and we'll be in touch,

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Frank Kowalski,

Mr. Dan Yozwiak, Columbus, OH


Thank you for planning mine and my girlfriend's dream vacation! Every villa that we stayed at was picture perfect! There was always a driver to pick us up from the airports at each destination, and everything went smoothly. I just wanted to thank you again for planning our trip exactly how we wanted it, and if we ever go back to Europe, it will be a trip planned by you!

Thanks again,

Dan Yozwiak

Mrs. Jackie Niedermayer, Alexandria, VA

Hi Kayla--We had a fabulous trip! We will provide further comments, pictures and testimonials very soon, but wanted to give you a very quick and brief response to let you know everything went very smoothly. Frank and Pat were very impressed with everything too. I believe Frank and Pat will send you their feedback too. Thank you for everything and I will write back soon with more details!

Best regards, Jackie

Hello Kayla and good afternoon. Thanks for your inquiry and concerns. Pat and I did enjoy the trip as you planned for us and we were quite impressed with all of the accommodations and airlines. The schedules worked well and we were comfortable, especially with Lufthansa, as they provided excellent service in flight as well as great food and drinks and at no extra charges. All flights were on time as scheduled and the layovers were tolerable. We appreciated the tour that you scheduled for us in Barcelona and probably would not have seen some of the sites provided by the tour.

Mallorca and Barcelona each are great places to visit however most people we encountered did not speak English and we did not speak or understand their language as well. We did have a book on Spain with some basic 'get by' language and we improvised means to communicate while in Barcelona. My younger son lives on Mallorca which helped with the communication while there so it was a great experience. Thanks again for a very well planned itinerary.

Sincerely, Frank and Pat

Dr. Richard Fisher, Pittsford, NY

Kayla: thanks, we had a great time. All the pickups, drivers and deliveries were made successfully. The guides were excellent and Rome, Positano, and Pompei were all wonderful

All in all, a great vacation. Thanks again?.

Richard I. Fisher, M.D.

Mr. Joseph Falsone, Austin, TX

Hi Kayla,

Sorry for the delay in writing. I want you to know I had a wonderful time, and I met many people that I will always remember.

I have a couple of pictures for you. I thought I would show you my personal tour guides today. The first is a picture of Monika, my guide in Munich. The picture was taken the first day we toured together. We are at the BMW headquarters not far from Olympic Park. In fact we could see the park from inside the building. Of course, there were some fine looking automobiles to see as well. Monika and I got to be good friends.

The second picture is of Anne, my guide in Berlin. I am sure you recognize the Brandenburg Gate she is standing in front of. Anne and I became even closer friends. We even went out to eat the next day. The only thing I regret about my trip is I didn't spend more time in Berlin. However, Anne and I have been keeping in touch by e-mail.

Now, I would love to go back to Germany, and this time, my sister may be going with me. It will not be for a couple of months. I will let you know what happens. If we go, of course you will handle everything as before. I told my sister how the driver met me at the airport carrying a sign with my name on it. She said she always wanted to have someone do that for her. So, I think she is really looking forward to going with me. I am excited about the possibility of going back to Germany. Of course if I do take my sister, I would want Monika and Anne to be our guides, again.

Until next time, I remain yours truly,

Joseph Falsone

Hello Kayla,

Yes, I am back. I will write again, but for now I just want you to know that I had a wonderful time, and you are a fantastic travel agent. I will definitely use your travel agency again.

Fondest regards,

Joseph Falsone

Mr. Anthony Zar, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi Kayla:

Sorry in the delay in getting back to you. After being gone for almost 3 weeks, e-mails are low priority in getting caught up. So with that said, the trip was fantastic and we had a really good time. Here is an overview:

Madrid ? Everything was beautiful, all transfers and hotels were great. The hotel location was perfect and we had a great time walking the city.

Seville -- The transfers worked well and the Hotel Inglaterra nice. We liked the location of the hotel and felt this was probably the best for the area. This was a great area for doing a walking tour.

Monte Carlo -- The transfers worked well and what a view from the hotel (GREAT PICK). This was the first time that we stayed at a hotel that from one place you can see 3 countries (Italy, Monaco and France).

Dijon -- The transfers worked well to and from the hotel. As for the Chateau, this will be hard to describe. I don't think it gets any better. The owner saw to all of our needs, she was wonderful. She set us up for a Hot Air Balloon ride, which was unbelievable. I could see where you would need a car for this location. We got lucky and met a couple from Maryland that invited us to join them to tour the countryside. Overall we had a fantastic time there. Again, another GREAT PICK.

Paris -- The hotel was great and in a nice location near the Luxembourg Gardens. The transfer to the airport went off with no problems.

So, there it is in a nutshell. Joyce and I think you did a wonderful job in putting this trip together. We would gladly use yo services again and recommend you to our friends. As soon as I get some time to go through our pictures and clean them up, I will send you some.

Thanks again,

Tony & Joyce Zar

Mr. Johnny Lancaster, New York, NY


We literally just walked in the door from JFK. The trip was simply incredible. Everything you had planned went on without the slightest hitch. As soon as we get situated, and maybe a nap, we will write a glowing letter of testimony.

Thanks so much,


Mrs. Beryl Corpus, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Kayla,

Thanks for your warm greeting on welcoming us back home! We arrived LAX at 4 pm last night but was so tired from the 12 hrs flight from Zurich!

We had a wonderful time! We had a blast! I will definitely give you a wonderful testimony when I get the chance as we are truly amazed about everything and also so I can share with you our pictures. Good luck to me on uploading them for I used 4GB on my camera. I will share them to you when I get the chance!

We Loved Santorini! We met Erica and the husband and they were very accommodating! They made sure each and every time that we are ok. We had a very nice private villa with the best view! They were amazed how you updated them with the delay on our flight. They also gave us great recommendations as to where to eat, shop and all the great deals in town for they are true locals in Oia.

Paris was very romantic. Our last night ended perfectly after the dinner cruise because after the cruise as we are arriving at the dock the Eiffel lit up which was a good timing because it was still day light at 9pm we thought we wouldn't see it lit up.

I will definitely write you a testimony as promised for I want to be a witness on how you made our trip/honeymoon really special.

Thanks again.



I had been planning for my wedding and honeymoon for the past year and a half. I had been searching for travel agencies and companies that would accommodate everything I want based on my customized "dream honeymoon" travel plan (it's our honeymoon anyways and I don't want to be stuck in a tour bus).

What I knew for sure is that I wanted a romantic city (Paris) and something laid back after being in the city to just kind of relax (Santorini)....These are my two top picks for my honeymoon....

I came across Destination Europe just by surfing the net and what struck me most was how detailed their survey questions are when you first get information from them....First I was hesitant because everything was done online and I did not even talk to someone but within 24 hrs after I was able to get a quote with a sample itinerary from them....I told myself "THIS IS IT!"....

Working and planning our honeymoon to Paris, Santorini and Athens with Kayla has been my best experience with a travel agent....She worked within our budget and yet did not compromise the quality of hotel/airlines/tour bookings we've had....Getting my husband's VISA to Europe had been a breeze because one phone call from her and she had every document we needed ready and faxed to the consulate right away......Once we got our itineraries/travel vouchers/airline tickets in the mail, we knew we would be safe in a foreign land and not worry about being lost because everything was arranged so systematically with our day-to day activities since we are doing our tours on our own....

Booking your trip with Kayla does not stop once you pay her or even after she gives you the travel documents and itineraries......When we were in Paris, we found out that our flight was delayed 30 minutes from Athens to Santorini because she sent an email to the hotel to let us know even though it was just a connecting flight.....When we were in Santorini, Erica(who is the owner of the villa we stayed at) was also so amazed with Kayla because she also updated them with the flight delay....Erica and her husband said they do not really deal and try to book tourists with American agencies but with Kayla's email and persistence they were amazed on how good her work was....They gave us their best villa with the best view because Erica said that Kayla keeps on e-mailing them to take good care of us.....Everything went smoothly the past 10 days we were in Paris and Santorini until on the way back home, the taxi driver forgot to pick us up and because of Kayla's organize packet we called the emergency contact number and right away they sent someone to pick us up...(although we didn't mind to miss our flight because we enjoyed our trip so much)...LOL.....

THANK YOU KAYLA for making our "dream honeymoon" memorable and we look forward to booking again with you until our next trip!

Beryl and Jrandy

Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Vanessa Cardillo, Exeter, RI

Hi Kayla,

Sorry things have been very crazy lately and I haven't checked my e-mail in a while. Our trip was fabulous. We had a great time. Everything went very smoothly and the convenience of the cars picking us up and taking us places was really nice. I want to thank you for all your hard work on this trip because I know we had very specific request and you met all of them and I really appreciate that.

Barcelona - amazing hotel... I loved it, clean, and very chic. The tours we took (the ones you signed us up for) were equally awesome and we learned a lot and had a great time. The hotel served dinner which was great and the service at the restaurant was great and the food was good. The hotel was also very helpful by handing out information about the city and restaurants and such

Granada - by far the best hotel ever... My mom loved it so much she wants to just go back and stay at that hotel..... Very pretty and ascetically pleasing.... the food was amazing the service was amazing.....there was one girl that worked there that went above and beyond for us.

Thanks again for all of your assistance,


Mrs. Stephanie Sheedy, New York, NY

Hi Kayla, we had a fantastic trip! Everything about our ski trip to Switzerland went very smoothly and we are extremely pleased with your planning. Here are some details:

Zermatt: The hotel (Mont Cervin Palace) was dream-amazing, the best place either of us have ever stayed (I think they may have upgraded us beyond the level we had paid for, we had a 2 bedroom 3/bath suite). We would definitely recommend it. The breakfasts were great and the view was amazing from our room (we could see the Matterhorn very well) and the location was excellent. The town itself was lovely, but it was definitely more geared towards an older and richer crowd.

Verbier: This was by far our favorite part of the trip. For younger couples, Verbier is by far the best ski resort. We loved our time in Zermatt, but Verbier definitely was more our style and crowd. It was also a lot cheaper. The Verbier Chalet was absolutely perfect. Anne-Lyse was wonderful as a host and we can't praise her enough. She made us feel like we were at home rather than at a hotel and everything there was perfect. We would absolutely recommend her to anybody going there and from the comments in her guest book that seems pretty universal of a theme. It wasn't quite as luxurious as the Mont Cervin but it was still our favorite. The skiing and town there were also our favorites. It definitely has more of the 20s/30s crowd compared to the other locations. Also, if anybody goes there skiing we'd highly recommend getting a guide, it was worth every penny. We'd strongly recommend our guide - he's actually quite famous as a skier but his rate was extremely reasonable and lower than some of the chains in town.

Again, we really were extremely pleased and impressed by your services and I know that during this time of year it was hard to book rooms and make it all work out, but you did. It was an absolutely perfect honeymoon!

I'm going to let Stephanie send you photos.

Thanks again!

Joe & Stephanie

Ms. Amy Zmarowski, Columbus, OH

Hi Kayla-

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It's been crazy busy since we've been back. I will be sure to write a glowing testimony for your website. We had a great time in Europe and are so happy to have used your services - rest assured we'll be contacting you again in the coming months. There might be a bit more of a delay before I post, but I will get to it soon.



Mr. Matt Roughen, Atlanta, GA


First, let me thank you for everything you put together. We had the honeymoon of a lifetime and loved every city we visited. The weather wasn't the best, as it rained on us at least one day in each city, but we checked the weather before out trip and made sure to pack our rain gear. We bought a few umbrellas while in Rome on the first day and got out and played in the rain.

Rome was great! Probably my favorite city. The 2 day hop-on/off tour was the best little investment we made. The first day, after flying through the night, we were a little tired to say the least, but the tour helped us fight through it. We rode the bus completely around the city listening to all the history they provided, while grasping our bearings on the city. After we completed the loop of the city, we jumped off at a few places to grab a bite to eat and do a little shopping. The second day in Rome, we woke early and walked to the main Termini station to catch the hop-on/off tour again. We were on the bus by 9:00am and at the Colosseum early. We took an hour long guided tour of the Colosseum to help fill us in on what we were looking at. Then we wandered around ourselves for about another hour. Then it was on to the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus. From Circus Maximus we caught the tour again over to the Vatican. Here we stopped for lunch just outside the walls. We had a tour of the excavations of St. Peter's through the Ufficio Scavi at 1:45 sharp, so we didn't want to be late (I have attached a picture of the ticket). Kayla, I would recommend this tour to anyone and it might be something you would want to inform your customers about. It was the best thing we did on our whole trip! It was so very cool to walk through the original streets of the Pagen Mausoleums outside of Rome's walls. They are still actively excavating the site and we passed numerous archeological colleagues of our tour guide. I will try to pass on some information to you. We were at the Vatican for quite some time after our 1hr. tour of the excavations. Then we walked from the Vatican back to the hotel along a route I had planned making sure to take us to the Pantheon, The Trevi Fountain (attached a few pictures of us making sure we'll return to Rome), and a restaurant a friend had recommended. Finally, back to Domus Livia for the evening. The people at the front desk were very warm and welcomed us with open arms. The hotel was in the perfect location for us, was clean, and exactly what we needed. We weren't in the room, except to sleep, so it worked out perfectly.

Next it was to Positano (via train through Naples). Our driver was there waiting on us and was very knowledgeable of the surroundings. Positano is a beautiful little coastal town and I am glad you recommended adding the extra day here. The weather was the worst here, but I can only imagine what it's like when it's not raining and during the summer when it's warm. Even though the weather wasn't the best, we still managed to go on a hike down to Spangna Beach and walk via a trail past the lookouts over to the main beach where all the restaurants and shops are. This little town is great and I imagine it would be so much more active during the peak season, however the people were still very hospitable and welcoming. If the weather had been better, I believe this might have been my favorite place. Villa Gabrisa was wonderful. My favorite hotel on the trip and we did manage to get one of the rooms with the big was perfect. During the short stint of non-rain, we managed to sit out on the terrace and have a bottle of wine and take in all the surroundings. (I attached a picture of this). The very nice family who owns the villa gave us a wonderful gift of limoncello upon our check-out. My wife and I made a vow to return to Positano later in life! We want to see the city when the weather's great and the great little small city center is bustling.

Next it was to Sorrento. It actually hailed on us on the ride over for a few minutes, but other than that, it was just rain. Sorrento is a great little town as well, but definitely my least favorite on the trip. It lacked the personal feel of Positano and lacked the list of 'things to see' that Rome has, so that's why we decided to take the ferry over to Capri/Anacapri for one day while there. The one day we needed great weather, we actually got it, and it was a perfectly sunny day (though still only 65 deg. F). We took the ferry to Marina Grande, then the bus to Anacapri via Moma Mia Highway, then the single chair lift to the very top of Anacapri. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous! (I've attached a few pictures from here as well). We were so glad we got out and did this! It really made the time in Sorrento better. After the ferry ride back, we did a little shopping and eating while in Sorrento. There are some great shops here and I love the little shop area with all the small streets. Hotel Savoia was ok and it was very walk able to and from the main square. From what I could see, not all the hotels were open. The people running the hotel were pleasant and very helpful. They even helped arrange our driver to pick us up earlier so we could take an earlier train back to Rome (as I still wanted to see the Spanish Steps and walk through Villa Borghese).

All in all, a wonderfully and perfect trip. The hotels were all very nice and Villa Gabrissa was wonderful! All of our drivers showed up on time and one was flexible enough to change our pick up time. The hop on/off tour was perfect for Rome and we even used it as somewhat of a taxi service, as there was a stop in Piazza Barbernini, a short walk from the hotel. Everything worked out wonderfully and I have already started recommending your services to friends. I can't thank you enough for helping create the perfect ending to our wedding. Thank you so much.

Matt Roughen

Atlanta, GA

Mr. Nick Rammel, Van Wert, OH

Hello Kayla,

Thanks so much for the nice email! I really apologize that I am just getting back with you; we own a photography business and have been playing a little "catch-up", if you know what I mean:)

Anyway, Brandy and I had an absolute wonderful time. It was an absolutely amazing experience and we were so happy that we decided to go to Italy. I think that you had just the right amount of planned tours/outings and free time included in our trip. We were really glad that we did all of the things that you had planned for us.

What can I say about the wine tasting in about "incredible'' or "fantastic" or perhaps better yet "the PERFECT event for us". Brandy and I are total foodies and lovers of wine. Our host was so so knowledgeable and pleasant. The food and education that we received there was impeccable. I have no idea what the exact expense was for that particular part, but it was worth every penny. We both said that we could have stayed their all day long!!!

Another thing that I definitely wanted to bring to your attention was the Hotel La Darsena in Tremezzo on Lake Como. A "three star".......Ha ROTFLOL!! To us (and I told the gentlemen there) it was a four star, at the least! We were taken care of unbelievably well at this fine establishment! I am pretty sure that we had the best room in the place (2 different balconies facing the lake with spectacular views). It was room 203 and I will never forget it. Brandy and I did not want to leave there. The customer service was A-1!

It was an unforgettable trip and we would definitely not hesitate to use your services again as well as refer you to all others.

Warmest Regards,

Nick and Brandy

Mr. Brion Browning, Eufaula, OK

Hi Kayla, I'll get back with you on the photos and testimonial cause I'm in a rush right now. The trip was the best ever (second time booking with you). The hotels were fantastic in both location and service. All of the drivers met me at the right time and the right place. The transfers from airport to trains all went very smooth. The weather even cooperated after the first 2 days. The vouchers worked the way they were supposed to and just everything went very smooth. Give me a day or 2 and until I can get things at home back in order. Thanks again as always and I look forward to booking again with you soon!


Mrs. Loraine Reddington, Washington Crossing, PA


This was my second time booking with you and again, the trip was great! We arrived in Rome on Friday and had an afternoon tour of the major sights of Rome (the fountain, Spanish steps, the Forum, etc). This was perfect since we were tired from our overnight flight and it helped us focus on the things we wanted to do on Saturday. First thing on Saturday we did a private tour with Anthony of the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. We were the first ones in the museums and had the place to ourselves. Anthony was very knowledgeable and gave us lots of tips on seeing the museums and St. Peters. We spent half the day at the Vatican and then headed to the Coliseum for the rest of the day.

On Sunday, we headed to the train station for our trip to Florence. We arrived in the early afternoon and spend the rest of the day on a self guided tour of the city. On Monday morning, we headed out early with Barbara to tour southern Tuscany. It was a 1.5 hour car ride to Montepulciano but well worth the ride to see this town and the countryside around it. Next we went to Pienza and two separate wine tastings in this area. It was a great day!

Tuesday was back to reality as we set my daughter up in her NYU apartment and I prepared to head back on Wednesday. The hotels were centrally located and perfect, the car service was on time and friendly at each location and the tours were fabulous. Great job and I will contact you for my next trip.


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